Ironworks Gymnasium

Ironworks Gymnasium

The Ironworks Gym has quickly developed a strong and excellent reputation as one of Kent’s top gyms. We have state of the art ISO lever equipment, free weights and stack machines to cater for all disciplines from bodybuilders and power lifters, to fighters to people who just want to have that perfect body. Extensive weights, cardio equipment, a fully matted studio and well stocked protein and supplement store ensure you will ALWAYS get the best results.

Gym Features:

Bench Press
Power Rack
Squat Rack
Olympic Barbells suitable for Olympic Lifts (can be dropped)
Specialist Bench Press Bars
Plate Loaded Strength Machines
Dumbells up to 50kg (120 lbs)
Dumbells up to 70kg (154 lbs)
Dumbells over 70kg (154 lbs)
Kettlebells up to 24kg (53 lbs)
Tyres for flipping
Grip Training Tools
Cable Machines
Other Specialist Bars
Other Strongman Equipment

Do you allow people to train on a pay as you go basis?

Yes, £5.00 per day.


01622 764532

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